DR. ABDALLA TAHA MOHAMED ELMOBARK | General Practitioner | Samaya Hospital

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Dr. Abdalla Taha Mohamed Elmobark

General Practitioner

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Dr. Abdalla Taha Mohamed Emobark is a General Practitioner. He graduated in the year 2017 from Karary University in Sudan. He took his MRCEM Primary at Royal College of Emergency medicine in United Kingdom. He has extensive experience in the Emergency Room, Outpatient and Internal Medicine. He also has knowledge and experience in the ICU and Renal Department.

Dr. Abdalla Emobark is an expert in patient consultations. Monitoring patients’ conditions and well - being, clinical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses/ailments, minor surgery, and other medical procedures. Dr. Abdalla also teaches health education as he has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He also has practice in management and administration. Liaising with other healthcare professionals as part of multidisciplinary teams. He can also provide emergency care to someone who comes in with a life-threatening condition.

Dr. Abdalla Elmobark was the first line of defense during COVID-19 periods in Ajman. He was awarded as the best General Practitioner in the ER Department and the best group leader at the Bahri Teaching Hospital from 2020 to 2021.