Dr. Doaa Abu Khater Best GP Dentist Doctor in Abu Dhabi

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Dr. Doaa Abu Khater

GP Dentist

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Dr. Doaa Abukhater has a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery with an excellent academic standing from Sharjah University, followed by a 5 year experience in the biggest dental hospital in the Middle East – Sharjah University Dental Hospital and private practice. Dr. Doaa has worked as a laboratory and clinical tutor for dental surgery for two years as well as providing surgical removals for wisdom teeth. She also has experience in using the latest technologies in Dentistry and Dental Imaging. Dr. Doaa has organized and attended courses for laser use in Dentistry and has good experience in dealing and treating patients with special needs, and kids. She can provide comprehensive treatment for all ages and cosmetic treatments like Veneers (Hollywood smile), Tooth Whitening and Gum Bleaching.