The nerve of the tooth is a nerve that extends to the root of the tooth contains blood vessels and supporting tissue, and it is possible that this nerve is infected by inflammation of the bacterial or viral, but extends to the neighboring areas and the difficulty of this infection that extends to the area of enamel and ivory leads to Inflammation of inflammation and increased tooth pain.

Causes of dental nerve inflammation
• There are many reasons for the inflammation of the teeth, we will mention the most important reasons:
• Neglecting the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth and therefore lead to tooth decay
• Infection of the tooth with inflammation and non-treatment of this inflammation, which leads to the arrival of inflammation to the tooth nerve and inflammation
• Exposure to various fractures reaching the pulp and tooth
• Infection of the gums with inflammation, which may reach the roots of the teeth and reach the core of the teeth and nerve
• Neglecting the treatment of dental caries, which causes you to the problem of inflammation of the nerve of the teeth.

Symptoms of dental neuritis
  • The presence of continuous pain in the teeth day and night
  • Swelling occurs in the gums
  • Abscess in the teeth or gums.
How To Treat Dental Neuritis
  • We will introduce you to the steps used to treat dental neuritis:

Usually the pain caused by nerve inflammation disappears only after the dentist opens the pulp and eliminates the inflammation.
Clean the nerve inflamed from the bacteria and then fill it, where the doctor first clean the tooth from decay completely, and then opens a small opening to the pulp and clean all channels in the nerve of the tooth, because to forget any channel of age or not clean and fill leads To the failure of the treatment process, after the drilling process the channels are cleaned and then expanded.
The doctor may add an extension to the affected tooth if it is very likely.
Covering the tooth with the crown of the industrial, because the age after the operations of treatment and drilling becomes thin and soft, which facilitates the break.
As a result of the development of science, x-rays have become used to determine the depth of the roots and thus the complete cleaning of the heart
The doctor performs a number of sessions requiring the filling of the nerve and after the doctor completely clean the process of making a hole inside the pulp of the teeth up this opening to the roots of teeth and pulp.

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