The White Cane Day: Effectiveness Program for Seeing Hearts

For people who are blind, white canes represent independence. On this day, it is important to teach people the value of this tool and to celebrate this independence emblem.

Mr. Muhammad Al-Ghafli (blind) talks about his achievements and the art of dealing with blindness.
Mr. Hisham Salih Mahdi (blind) gives us a gist of his hobby, how he used to spend his time and how he developed himself regardless of his sight illness.

Dr. Roberto Beze Abdo our Ophthalmologist here in Samaya Specialized Center talks about some vision diseases that affect our children of determination and how to take care of eye health, and the importance of periodic eye examination. Giving advice to mothers at the beginning of childbirth, how to recognize a blind child. What are the trainings they need for rehabilitation and the latest devices to help the blind.